Plan B - A balanced response to COVID-19

International health data and experience is showing that New Zealand’s lockdown is unnecessary, and even more harmful than the problem we’re trying to solve.

Plan B represents the knowledge, perspectives and questions of a multi-disciplinary group of expert and passionate people on how and why New Zealand should modify its response to COVID-19.

We are a cross-disciplinary group of academics concerned about the welfare and futures of all Kiwis. As a group, we set up this website to share information for the public good and to set out our vision for a balanced response to COVID-19.
Epidemiologist: Covid not as dangerous as the fear mongering.

Gerhard Sundborn, epidemiologist at University of Auckland and member of the Covid Plan B group, called into Kerre McIvor Mornings with his thoughts on the Government's Covid response. (Newstalk ZB Radio, 14 Aug 2020)

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