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Advance NZ is the party who supports Direct Democracy and to open our borders again, in line with Plan B. This is the Peoples Party, a freedom and democracy movement, born in a time of increasing tyranny.
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No Jab No Job

18th Sept 2020

Q & A with Billy Te Kahika. 30Jul20

Q & A with Party Co-Leader Billy Te Kahika on the 30th July 2020.

Q & A with Jami-Lee Ross. 4Sep20

Q & A with Party Co-Leader Jami-Lee Ross on the 4th Sept 2020.

Liberty March Auckland. 29Aug20

Liberty March in Auckland with Party Co-Leader Jami-Lee Ross on the 29th Aug 2020.

Liberty Support Wellington. 2Sep20

Liberty Support in Wellington with Campaign Director Michael Stace, on the 2nd Sept 2020.